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I am sure you have heard all about the stunning new smoky eyeshadow palette 'Hot Fire' by Suzanne Jackson... and if you haven't heard about it yet, keep reading.
This palette is now like gold dust to get your hands on, so unless your local pharmacy has some left in stock, you will not get your hands on one of those much-sought after eyeshadow palettes until November. I grabbed one in my work as soon as they arrived because I knew the demand for them would be unprecedented.
So, let's have a look why this palette is a 'most-wanted' palette for makeup artists and lovers alike.

Pic Credit: @SOSU_bySuzanneJackson Instagram

As you can see, the colours in the SOSU by SJ palette are warm, earthy and red-toned. These colours will suit just about anyone, I have seen looks done on different eye colours, but on blue in particular.. wow!
The palette consists of eight matte shades and four shimmer shades. The colours are super pigmented and yes, there is fall-out but in my opinion, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Each eyeshadow has an intense colour pay-off, just look at my swatches below. By the way, as I was swatching them, they literally felt like butter!

Pic Credit: @SOSU_bySuzanneJackson Instagram
Eight matte shades and the four shimmer shades at the bottom

The colours in the Hot Fire palette cover so many possible looks; from peaches to golden browns to warm, red-earthy tones. The stunning looks that I have seen MUAs, makeup bloggers and makeup lovers create all over Instagram are testament to this palette. As the website states: "You can create soft, neutral matte looks to take you right through from the office to day time glam and you can build up your tones and metallics for glam weekend looks."
See some looks below that I screenshotted from Instagram to show you the variety of looks that are possible with Hot Fire... (check out #SOSUbySJ on Insta if you want to see more!)

Pic Credit: @SOSU_bysuzannejackson Instagram
MUA Hayley Coleman @haylzcoleman Pic Credit: @SOSU_bySuzanneJackson Instagram
@lenalenaxx Pic Credit: @SOSU_bySuzanneJackson Instagram
Beauty Influencer Chloe Boucher @ChloeBoucher Pic Credit: @SOSU_bySuzanneJackson Instagram
MUA Grace Mongey @facesbygrace Pic Credit: @SOSU_bySuzanneJackson Instagram
Suzanne wearing 'Ignite' all over her lids Pic Credit: @SOSU_bySuzanneJackson Instagram
Carla Jackson Pic Credit: @SOSU_bySuzanneJackson Instagram

As Suzanne just said herself over the weekend, she created this palette "for the consumer, a girl that may not be super advanced in terms of blending... I just want to put on colours, smoke it up and just blend it super quick and that's what my colours do." Well said Sue! I don't know about you but this is exactly what I want in an eyeshadow.
Also, it is worth noting that the Hot Fire palette is paraben free and cruelty free, also vegan friendly.

Did you get your hands on a Hot Fire palette? I am no makeup artist but the next time I use it I will share with you the colours I like most!

I have always been a big supporter of Suzanne, and especially more so since she gave me the encouragement I needed when I met her last year to just go for it! Suzanne has outdone herself with this palette and I wish her all the success in the world with her ever-growing brand.

Thanks for reading!

Danielle x

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  1. Lovely eye shadow. This is really awesome eye shadow like my favorite Liquid Matte Lipstick. I love to use my makeup everyday and I never miss my eve shadow & Liquid Matte Lipstick.


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