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If you have followed me for quite some time now you may remember that last year I bought one of the most sought after makeup gadgets of 2016; the Stylpro Makeup Brush Cleaner. As amazed and all as I was by it (the whole three times I used it), the batteries died and I ran out of the cleaning solution and I just haven't used it since... 
I can see now that I was blinded by the innovation and it is expensive for what it is, nonetheless it makes a great gadget for spot-cleaning several brushes for MUAs while they are working as it both washes and dries your brushes.

HOWEVER, I spied a little device in my work not so long and it was as cheap as chips. It was this pink Brush Cleaning Mat by Danielle Creations *I wish I could say I owned my own range but purely coincidence... for now ;)* for just €3.95. (Mat is also available in black)
The mat has suckers on the bottom of it so you place it in your sink and it doesn't budge. Each grooved section of the mat is designed specifically for different brushes. I use the old faithful Johnson's Baby Shampoo along with this mat; basically I squeeze some shampoo on to the mat, wiggle the brush through it and through the grooves on the mat, rinse under the tap and repeat until the brush rinses clean. Simples!

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I can't fault this method whatsoever as it leaves my brushes clean as a whistle. I have a lot of brushes so it takes a bit of time but throw on some singalong music (Shania Twain was my choice this time!). It's so satisfying having them all washed and lined up to dry, isn't it?
If you can't get your hands on one of these cleaning mats, I know Primark/Penneys have their own version in their PS range. (I have seen a 'brush drying rack' too in their range on Snapchat so I must pick that up the next time I'm in Primark. And if you're really stuck, I know some people that use an old ribbed hot water bottle to clean their brushes and it works a treat.

How do you clean your makeup brushes? Comment below!

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