Monday, June 5, 2017


I shared a meme recently about going into Boots for toothpaste and walking out with half the beauty aisle, so I'm not the only one this happens to! And I work in a pharmacy too, but I literally cannot help myself.
I popped in yesterday to buy some of the empty travel bottles to decant product in to for going away for a few days… and I obviously ended up with several other items. I thought I would share with you what I bought as some items are new to me but others are current faves:

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1. Nivea Double Effects Eye Makeup Remover €4.99
I usually buy this in Boots when it’s half price but it’s not on offer at the minute, however when I seen it I remembered I had just finished mine and I forgot to pick up a bottle in work. This stuff is the best eye makeup remover I have ever tried, and I have tried a lot! I have converted so many people to it who also find it brilliant. It is so effective at taking even the heaviest eye makeup off and it doesn’t irritate my eyes whatsoever. 

2. Ted Baker Opulent Petal Body Spray €4
I picked this up to take with me, it’s a little 50ml which is perfect for the hand baggage restriction on liquids. It smells sooo good! Ted Baker body sprays, I think, always smell so distinctive and this is a lovely, fresh scent.

3. L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara €10.49
I have seen SO much about this mascara lately and I am a sucker for a new pharmacy brand, budget-friendly mascara. Karen from LovelyGirlieBits and Carly from LiveLavishly have nothing but good to say about this new mascara so I had to give it a go. It claims to give “mega volume, curl and all day hold” so I am curious to try it out and I will let you know.

4. Rimmel Insta Fix & Go 2 in 1 Primer & Setting Spray £6.99
I am always trying out different setting sprays and I had been meaning to try this one for a while. I actually bought the MAC Fix+ recently, and I’m not dying about it, and for the price of it. My little Essence spray just finished so I decided to buy the new Rimmel one.  This can be applied before makeup application to prime your skin, and once you have finished applying your makeup, spray it all over your face to set it and lock it in for the day. I am always curious to try new setting sprays as my skin, especially my T-Zone gets oily during the day. I will let you know what I think of this one!

5. Garnier Micellar Water for Combination & Sensitive Skin €5.06
The old faithful! I try other Micellar Waters but I always go back to Garnier’s. I use a Micellar Water as my first step in my cleansing routine to breakdown my makeup first before using a milk cleanser.

6. Mitchum Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Stick Powder Fresh €4.19
The best deodorant. Enough said!

7. Fill & Go Travel Bottle Set £9.00
Finally, what I had solely went in to Boots for! I thought these were pricey but I needed them; again, I forgot to get them in my work. I thought I’d be better getting these bottles, which I can decant my own product into, so I have them for again, instead of buying the travel mini sizes of everything, which are expensive for what they are!

So that is my mini Boots Haul. I can not pass a Boots store, or any chemist for that matter, without picking up something! 

Thanks for reading!
Danielle x


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