Monday, April 3, 2017


The wait is now over... Ice Goddess is here and it is, OH. SO. PRETTY.

When I see pink now, I automatically think Cocoa Brown...
Cocoa Brown have built the brand around the colour pink so when a big pink envelope arrived in the post, I was SUPER excited!

And low and behold, it was the new ICE GODDESS Oil by Marissa Carter 
Previously, the Ice Goddess Shimmering Dry Body Oil was launched as a 30ml bottle part of The Goddess Collection in October last year, however due to demand, Marissa decided to launch the 50ml bottle which has been available on the shelves since March 7th. 

The Cocoa Brown Ice Goddess by Marissa Carter follows on from the massive success of the original Golden Goddess Oil (favoured by Khloe Kardashian!) and the Rose Gold Goddess Oil.
I mean... just look at how pretty it is.... 

Ice Goddess Stardustbelle

Ice Goddess Stardustbelle
pic credit:

Ice Goddess Stardustbelle
Pic Credit: Marissa's snapchat at launch 

Ice Goddess is a multi-use beauty oil that can be worn on the face or body.
The unique violet undertones (perfect for pale skin) add radiance and dimension to this highlighter, which is why it has received so many fabulous reviews and is a firm favourite with beauty bloggers everywhere.

Ice Goddess Stardustbelle
The Goddess Collection

Ice Goddess Stardustbelle
A little goes a long way!

Ice Goddess Stardustbelle

Violet undertones

Pic Credit: Stephanie's Snapchat

Marissa has some tips for achieving perfectly illuminated skin with Ice Goddess . . . 

✮ "Primelighter" ~ Use the Ice Goddess as a primelighter! You can 'primelight' by applying some Ice Goddess to your face before your foundation to reflect light and brighten dull skin. The violet undertones help lift and brighten dull skin.
Ice Goddess can also be applied on any body part that you would like to highlight and brighten such as down the front of your shins, collarbones and your cheekbones!
✮ Some of the most famous celebs (hello Kardashians!) and makeup artists (Joyce Bonelli) have used the Cocoa Brown Goddess Oils to highlight cheekbones, shoulders, decolletage and give the face and body a glow that looks incredible!
✮ Or how about adding some drops of Ice Goddess to your moisturiser to create a shimmer all over!
✮ When I use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones I put a few drops on to a cotton pad. By doing this, the cotton pad soaks up some of the excess oil, before applying some to highlight my cheekbones and make them pop!

Ice Goddess is definitely my favourite of the Goddess Oils!
Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Ice Goddess Shimmering Dry Body Oil, 50ml R.R.P. €11.95, has been available nationwide since last month.

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