Thursday, January 19, 2017

My Custom Illustration

I have seen various custom illustrations across social media channels lately and it was something I thought was an awesome idea

I then came across a very talented girl called Linda Kelly; if you haven’t seen her other work, you need to check her Facebook and Instagram pages out now >>> @lindakellyillustrations

I mean, just look!! My very own custom illustration!
When I first seen it, I was amazed at the detail and every time I look at it I notice something else.
The illustration was done using my blog profile photo, which is obviously one of our wedding photos. Look at the details of the back of my dress, flowers and everything. It’s incredible! Linda added in some makeup products and of course, our two little kittens, Penny and Ivy feature! Their markings are spot on by the way, and can we take a moment to appreciate their pink bow ties... CUTENESS!!

If this is something you want for yourself or as a gift, I highly recommend getting in touch with Linda ~ Linda Kelly Illustrations.

Thanks for reading
Danielle x

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