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Hi guys! Here we are again, my latest installment on my favourite products throughout October...

These monthly favourite posts seem to be coming round quicker each month and this one is a little later than usual but if you follow my social media platforms you will know why ~ a shoot with TV3's Xposé being one of the reasons (which was amazing!) 

I can't believe we have the first week of November over already. It will almost be our first wedding anniversary too, that is crazy. Thee fastest but most incredible year.

I have picked my top ten favourite products that I have been using over the last month you all to have a nosey at and as usual, if you have any questions on the products please ask away.
If you follow me on Snapchat, you may have seen me rave about several of these products already (UN: stardust_belle) 
So, in no particular order:

1 ~ BRYT Skincare Calm Serum

I was gifted this serum recently by the lovely Ciara from BRYT Skincare and I was super excited to try it because it looked like it was made especially for my skin. I have a full review here ~ and I just love this product. I use it both as a serum before I moisturize and as a primer before I apply my makeup. It preps and primes my skin exactly how I want a product to. 
I have the other products from the range on my wishlist to purchase sometime soon (I currently have myself on a semi-spending ban!)
BRYT Skincare is available in selected pharmacies nationwide.

2 ~ Cailyn Gelux Eyebrow, Hazelnut 

I had heard SO MUCH about this product and I had held off buying it because I wasn't sold on the idea of a gel product for my brows. However (!!) when I was at the Pro Beauty Show a few weeks ago, I couldn't resist a little gander at the Cailyn stand and I was being helped by one of the lovely assistants. who highly recommended the Gelux Eyebrow to me. She recommended the shade Hazelnut as it is buildable and it is the perfect shade for me with the blonde hair.
I do not like the brush that comes with it so I use my old faithful Powder 'n' Pout Angle Liner brush P410 and it is perfect for that precision and easy application of the gel product. 
Gelux is super easy to apply and build. The gel is waterproof too so you could go swimming in the sea and your brows will still be on fleek! 
Cailyn cosmetics are available in pharmacies nationwide.

3 ~ Paese Rice Powder

I have mentioned this product in several #MOTD/ #FOTD posts before. It is an extremely light and silky loose powder, which I use every day for setting and finishing my makeup. It gives my skin such a silky and even finish, and gives me makeup lasting powder throughout the day. 
It comes with a little puff pad but I use the Powder 'n' Pout Powder Dome P100 to apply it, mainly on my t-zone but loosely across the rest of my face. It does a stellar job at absorbing any excess oil; I would have an oily t-zone, and mattifying my skin. 
It is very white but as soon as it is applied to the face it becomes transparent. 
This powder can be used as a makeup base or as a makeup finisher. 
Paese Cosemtics are available in pharmacies nationwide. 

4 ~ Essence Nail Polish, 'The Darks'

I picked this up recently for my Halloween giveaway and I loved the look of the colour so much that I had to get myself one too. It is a gorgeous dark wine colour, shade 58 'Need Your Love', and I adore all the dark colours for this time of year, particularly aubergines, wines and berries (if you have a look at my header photo, you'll see my wedding flowers were just that).
I applied just two coats of this nail polish and the compliments I got on my nails, well I couldn't believe it. So many had asked me had I got gel nails done... Nope! Just a €1.79 bottle of Essence nail polish. Sure you couldn't beat that! 
Essence is available in Penneys &a pharmacies nationwide. 

5 ~ Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist Love Spell

I really like all the scents in theis range but Love Spell is my absolute fave! It just reminds me of the malls in LA.
I spritz it every morning and I just love it. Even the colour of it is so pretty. The main notes in it are jasmine, cherry blossom and peach; making it so lovely and refreshing. 
Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists are available in Victoria's Secrets stores, online and pharmacies nationwide.

6 ~ Flormar Perfect Coverage 102

I used to love this foundation, then I experimented with others in the Flormar range and different brands, with the result that my Perfect Coverage was pushed to the back of my stash and I had sort of forgotten about it. 
Then after attending the Flormar masterclass a few weeks ago, I dug it out from the back of the shelf and my love for this foundation was reignited! 
This foundation is ideal if, like me, you like full coverage. There are shades suitable for both cool and warmed toned skin. I wear shade 101 when I have no tan and step it up to shade 102 when I am tanned. A little goes a long way too with this, so one pump is more than enough to cover my face.
I apply this with my all-time favourite makeup brush, the Powder 'n' Pout P230 and it gives the flawless finish I am after.
Flormar is available in pharmacies nationwide.

7 ~ Got2B Guardian Angel Heat Protector Spray

I have been styling my hair a lot recently with straighteners and a curling wand = lots and lots of sizzling heat on my blonde locks so it's essential I use something to protect my hair. 
I was gifted this heat protector recently by Schwarzkopf  and I've used it religiously since. This spray protects your hair up to 220c, which is ideal for blow drying, hot irons & wands.
It smells yummy too and I feel that it dries much quicker and styles so much better since I started using it! 
Got2B is available in pharmacies nationwide.

8 ~ Instant Effects Lash Volumiser

This product has been my little eyelash saviour recently. My lashes seem to go through a shedding phase more often now as I'm getting older, and being lucky to have long lashes, I feel like when they shed, it is soo noticeable. Like I'm talking gaps and very thin lashes, however this product is fantastic at helping restore them. 
This product can be used alone or underneath mascara to plump your lashes. Instant Effects claims that 'continued usage gives up to 40% increase in thickness and 20% increase in length in two weeks' and I have to say I definitely noticed a difference in the thickness of my lashes. 
Instant Lash Effects Lash Volumiser is available here.

9 ~ Powder 'n' Pout P230 The HD Buffer

My *holy grail* of makeup brushes... I literally will not use any other brush to apply my foundation with now and I recommend it HIGHLY in my work to customers looking for a foundation brush. It doesn't soak up the product like most other makeup brushes too.
It is perfect for the flawless finish and even coverage. This brush applies your product smoothly and evenly without overloading the brush or your skin with product.
This brush can be used to apply, blend or buff powders, primers, BB creams and even tinted moisturisers.
Powder 'n' Pout brushes are available in the P'n'P salon, online here and pharmacies nationwide. 

10 ~ Snapchat

I have featured Snapchat in my monthly favourites before but I had to mention it again. 
I am a massive fan of Snapchat.. I just love the insight it gives into people's everyday lives, warts and all. It's spontaneous, raw & unedited, other than the filters but who doesn't love a Snapchat filter. The gold butterflies was my fave, and it has just come back with the latest update, woo!
Snapchat is big and there is no denying that it is getting bigger. With approx. 200 million active users, it has recently surpassed Instagram as the fastest-growin social media platform. Take a look at this fact, this blew my mind:


I had a mishap with my settings which, thanks to a lovely follower who alerted me, I only sorted recently. I felt soo stupid but super thankful to the lovely lady who brought it to my attention! Basically, anyone new adding me couldn't see anything I snapped, I assumed everyone adding me could but I have sorted that and you can see everything I snap now! So come follow me and say hi > stardust_belle

Who are your favourite Snapchatters? 

That's all for my monthly favourites this time. 

Thanks for reading 
Danielle x

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