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My Cocoa Brown Collection

As you all know by now, I am a Cocoa Brown girl at heart. 

I have been an avid follower of Cocoa Brown's CEO Marissa since her days of owning her salon, Carter Beauty in Blackrock; through her initial stages of coming up with the concept of Cocoa Brown; until now, owner of the ever-expanding, best-selling tanning range in Ireland. 
I have been a major advocate for the Cocoa Brown range since day one, and working in a pharmacy has given me the opportunity to introduce so many customers to this wonderful, extensive tanning range. It is a brand that I hold close to my heart.
All the products in the range are very affordable and there is everything you need for a flawless, glowing tan. AND just look how beautiful the packaging is; pink is the colour theme throughout Cocoa Brown making the range unmistakable (I must have pink in my blood by this stage) and extremely pretty, making these products all absolute must-haves for any beauty/vanity stations.

Cocoa Brown is an award-winning tan (literally every product in the range has won awards!), which has stormed the tanning market worldwide. It now has a cult beauty status, with hero products if you will, among tanning lovers, beauty lovers and bloggers everywhere.  
Get this for a fact... Cocoa Brown is only turning 4 years old next month, and it currently sells FOUR products EVERY MINUTE worldwide. . . That is incredible! 

"I listened to what my customers wanted and worked really hard to create products they love. . . I began working on a fake tan formula which didn't need to develop overnight. Nine months later, I launched Cocoa Brown 1-Hour Tan on the Irish market. It's unique selling point is that it develops in as little as an hour." 
Marissa Carter, 13/06/2014

Marissa asked her clients in her own salon at the time what they wanted from a fake tan, and what they mostly wanted, and what all ladies want, was:
 > No Biscuity Smell
 > Quick and
 > Natural colour, not orange!

Me with my Cocoa Brown collection! I am wearing the Instant Tan Bronzing Gel in Matte here.

So, to celebrate Cocoa Brown turning 4 soon (check out the awesome competition Marissa is doing over on her Instagram: @marissacarter for the brand's fourth birthday... #1HourFan) and of course, with the launch of their AMAZING new product... 
By the way, have you seen it? Have you seen it?! It is freaking gorgeous... the new Ice Goddess, yes you read that right, *I C E*  G O D D E S S! 
It is literally like something from a Disney movie, Frozen springs to mind!

More on this beautiful new must-have below, but back on track now.. 
So to celebrate these two milestones, I have decided to write all about My Cocoa Brown Collection!

There is a vast range of products now in the Cocoa Brown collection so read on for more details on my favourites. . . 

1 ~ The Original 1-Hour Tan Mousse

The baby of the range, this is the original tone hour tanning mousse. With accelerating ingredients, you don't need to leave this on overnight to develop (I do because I like the colour of it by morning!) But depending on how light-dark you want your tan, leave this on for one hour for a light tan, two hours for medium tan and three+ for a dark tan.
The mousse is tinted so you can see it on application and it applies so smoothly. (There are Cocoa Brown mitts available, their Double Sided Velvet Mitt is perfect for applying the tan streak-free and giving a flawless result.)
The colour it gives you straight away is a lovely golden hue, and it dries super quick.
Every Cocoa Brown product has their signature heavenly Tahitian Gardenia scent, meaning no biscuity smell/fake tan pong.. hallelujah!
RRP €7.95

2 ~ 1-Hour Tan Mousse DARK

After an overwhelming demand for a darker version of the original one hour tan, Marissa created the 1-Hour Tan Mousse in Dark.
This was highly-anticipated by ladies who like their tan intense! Again, depending on how dark you want it, leave for one hour to be bronzed, two hours for a chocolate tan and three hours+ for an intense tan.
I use either the original or the dark mousse; I love them both and have no preference, just whatever takes my fancy!
RRP €7.95

3 ~ Gentle Bronze

This is an award-winning gradual tanning moisturiser, designed to give you beautifully hydrated and bronzed skin every day. This is thee best gradual tanner I have ever used!
It is an excellent moisturiser firstly and it builds a beautiful golden colour after a few days.
I have friends that swear by this gradual tanner and wear it every day. Again, this product is scented with it's signature Tahitian Gardenia scent. It is non-comodengenic, so you can use it on your face without fear of having break-outs!
RRP €5.95

4 ~ Tough Stuff

This is hands down... THE. BEST. EXFOLIATOR. YOU. WILL. EVER. USE. (And another award-winning product!) Tough Stuff is literally a no-nonsense scrub to both prepare your skin for tanning and for removing old tan.
After selling out four months of stock in two weeks (!!!), this 200ml sized tube was launched.
You can use it on dry skin for a deeper exfoliation because it is of a runny consistency or wet skin for a more gentle scrub.
Tough Stuff leaves your skin silky smooth but it's essential to moisturise after using this exfoliator, leading us on to . . .
RRP €4.95

5 ~ Chocolate Whip

This is an oil-free moisturiser, which means it maintains your tan... YAY! This moisturiser was the first of it's kind on the Irish market, as using it as part of your tanning regime, it will ensure your tan will fade gradually and evenly. It works like this because mousse tans are water-based, so oily moisturisers break down fake tan quickly. That is why you should use an oil-free moisturiser like this one to prolong your tan!
There are countless benefits of this moisturiser; it is one you should use whether you tan or not basically.
It has the Tahitian Gardenia scent but with a little hint of Cocoa, making it good enough to eat!
RRP €4.95

6 & 7 ~ Instant Tan Bronzing Gel Matte & Shimmer 

For those times, you need a tan last minute... these are the tans for you!
I am wearing two coats of the Instant Tan Bronzing Gel in Matte in the photo above and I have mixed some in my foundation also. I applied this tan very quickly just to take this photo, let it dry a few minutes then put on this WHITE top.. I did think, "oh no, what am I doing!" mid-putting it on but no streaks or transfer so yes, this tan gets all the thumbs up!
They are, as the name suggests, of a gel consistency, making them apply and blend so easily.
These tans are instant, non-sticky and dry instantly. You can literally apply it, get dressed and head out! (Just watch out for rain like with all instant tans!) The colour it applies as is the colour it stays, it doesn't develop. It then washes off completely in the shower.
Again, with all the Cocoa Brown products there is no fake tan pong, kudos to Marissa.
The two variants are Matte, which gives you the signature Cocoa Brown golden glow and Shimmer, which contains light-reflecting minerals.
These are super handy to have in your stash for any last minute emergencies.
RRP €6.95

8 & 9 ~ Kind Shampoo & Conditioner

These are the first non-tanning/beauty products from Marissa in the Cocoa Brown range and I had the amazing opportunity of attending the launch of this range in Primark HQ recently (check out that blogpost here.)
Marissa originally developed this shampoo and conditioner for her own personal use to help her sensitive scalp and the psoriasis that she suffers from, because medicated shampoos dull your hair and the smell is verrry unpleasant. So Marissa wanted a regime that would be kind to her psoriasis and also smell pleasant while giving her hair volume and shine.
I too suffer with psoriasis on my scalp so I was very intrigued by this range.
This hair care regime absolutely lives up to what it promises, and I have a full product review right here and mentioned them in a monthly favourites post here.
RRP €3.50

10 & 11 ~ Golden Goddess & Rose Gold Goddess Dry Shimmering Body Oil 

The Golden Goddess Oil is the original dry shimmering body oil which was designed to add highlight and an illuminating glow to enhance your Cocoa Brown tan.
The original has an intense shimmer, so a little goes a long way but it is ideal for adding to your tan for an all-over glow or to simply highlight certain areas, such as your cheekbones, collar bones, down the fronts of your shins etc.
Then came along the Limited Edition ROSE GOLD Goddess Oil and I jumping with excitement to have been gifted my very own personalised bottle!! I have a full review on the Rose Gold Goddess Oil right here.
RRP €11.95
And now, Marissa has only gone and launched another dry shimmering oil must-have called Ice Goddess. Just like Renee Zellweger's famous line in Jerry Maguire's "You had me at hello", this "had me at ice". Sparkle is my favourite colour after all!
This shimmering oil has a cool, violet/pink undertone which helps to lift and brighten dullness and yellowness in the skin, which is common in the winder. The formulation is in a dry coconut oil, which makes it moisturising without being oily on the skin. Marissa has been using it as a "Primelighter"™before applying her foundation, check out her Snapchat for more deets (UN: @cartermarissa)
The three Goddess Oils will be available in the new Goddess Collection, RRP €17.95, in stores from November 8th!

12 ~ Face & Body Tanning Wipes

Gone are the days of the dreaded orange streaks from the old tanning wipes; I have heard of some disasters from using tanning wipes! Marissa has said that she wanted people to not be afraid to use tanning wipes anymore, plus they are so convenient!
First of all, their trademark scent of Tahitian Gardenia is all you can smell as soon as you open the packet; Marissa, you need to just bottle this scent and sell it is a body fragrance *hint hint*.
I have used these both on their own and to keep my own Cocoa Brown tan topped up. The wipes are white and there is no colour guide so i just make sure I have all areas covered that I need to.
When using them on their own, the colour is very light and natural, but buildable if you want to use the wipes over a couple of days.
When using them to keep my tanned topped up, it prolongs the wear and intensity of the tan brilliantly, maintaining the gorgeous Cocoa Brown golden glow. Remember to use your Chocolate Whip too to get the most out of your Cocoa Brown tan!
RRP €3.50

All Cocoa Brown products are available in Penneys, Primark and pharmacies nationwide and online!

What products do you own from the Cocoa Brown range?
What products do you want to add to your collection?

The Goddess Collection is on my list, simply for the new Ice Goddess!

Thanks for reading
Danielle x


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