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Mastering Your Makeup with Flormar

Sunday past was a really fun day spent with the Flormar team and Michelle Regazzoli-Stone, aka MRS Makeup, in the beautiful Solis Lough Eske Castle, Co. Donegal.

For those of you who have maybe never heard of Flormar, it is an affordable range of luxury makeup products, with everything from nail polish to primers to gel eyeliners. The range was relaunched in Ireland last summer and has been more successful so far than what the CEO, Paul Mooney, ever thought it would be.
With over 300 Flormar stands in pharmacies throughout the country, and it's first retail store in Ireland opening soon, it is a cosmetic brand that is now a household name.
The products are high quality and there is such a variation of products available; you can have a full makeup kit from the Flormar range for extremely good value for money.

I met the wonderful Paul Mooney, CEO of Flormar and Creative Director of Flawless, when I walked in to Lough Eske. I first met Paul last weekend at the Professional Beauty Show I attended in the RDS and he is a true, genuine gent. It was a pleasant surprise that he remembered me from the RDS, I was delighted!

Solis Lough Eske is such an amazing location and the sun was shining, which showed it off to it's full potential!

iPhone 7 baby!
All the glamorous ladies were taking their seats in the function room where the Flormar team had everything set up; a stage for the demo, a screen to see the demo and products up close and a lush pop-up shop filled with Flormar and Flawless goodies!

The event kicked off with Paul introducing himself and telling us all his story of how he ended up where he is today. He is an inspiration and a legend in the beauty industry, after all he is the #CosmeticsKing!

Paul then introduced Michelle from MRSMakeup.ie, and Michelle told us a bit about herself. Michelle is an extremely talented MUA, with Rosanna Davidson, Suzanne Jackson and Pippa O'Connor as regular clients.

Michelle then got stuck in to her demo on the lovely Laura and talked about each of the Flormar products she was using for the look, including (product list and links below, just click on the product name):

Illuminating Primer Makeup Base > "This primer is the difference in your makeup lasting 3-4 hours to 8 hours!" Michelle advised to "really look at your face in the mirror before applying primer, only to the oily parts of your face and do not apply to dry patches because your skin will constantly be trying to breath through dry patches." I am a big fan of this primer and always recommend it!

Double Radiance Primer Highlighter . . . Amazing for that glow!

Perfect Coverage Foundation . . . Full coverage foundation, I love the coverage this gives.

CC Cream . . . Michelle used the peach coloured CC Cream on the model's forehead. She said too that she used this CC Cream as a primer on a bridal party last week and it worked a treat!

Perfect Coverage Liquid Concealer . . . Different shades to match with the different shades of Flormar Perfect Coverage foundation.

Eye Perfection Primer . . . New and available in four different shades. Gives your eye makeup lasting power and is amazing for any discolouration on the eyelids. I use this myself and I love it.

Make Up Fix Spray . . . This stuff is incredible!

Bronzing Powder . . . Michelle used this as the transition colour for the model's eye makeup and it made such a difference!

x10 Sculpting Mascara & Revolution Mascara Waterproof . . . Both these mascaras look incredible, the applicator on the Revolution mascara is what Michelle raved about!

SoSu Lashes Sue & Duo glue . . . SoSu lashes speak for themselves really! The Sue lashes were from the 3D Silk Luxury range.

Eyebrow Fixator Mascara . . . Excellent for grooming any wild eyebrow hairs.

Eyebrow Shadow . . . Available in different shades to suit you.

Eyeshadow Palettes . . . Michelle couldn't speak highly enough of the pigment of the mono shadows and palettes!

Flawless Contour Palette . . . A cream contour palette, I have one and it's super easy to use! A cream and powder set is going to be launched soon!

Terracotta Blush . . . This mineral powders are gorgeous! I use A Touch of Apricot when I am tanned and I always get asked what it is. The powders are baked and the colours are so beautiful.

Long-Wearing Lipstick L14 & Revolution Lipstick R05 . . . The R05 is one of Pippa's favourite lippies, a beautiful pink shade.

Loose Powder . . . Each of Flormar's loose powders have a slight colour in them, making them a perfect setting finish for your makeup.

Throughout the demo, Paul walked around the floor with the microphone, while Michelle answered all the questions and she gave some great tips and advice, including "eyebrows are sisters not twins!".

The finished look on the model was just beautiful. The more Michelle talked about and used these products the more I wanted each and every one of them!

We were given our goodie bags when the demo was finished, which contained several fab products ranging from ProperCorn popcorn (yum) to shampoo. (I'll show you the goodies on Snapchat this week, @stardust_belle)

The pop-up shop was then opened and all of the team members were on hand; Michelle Ross (NeedsNotWants), Jess Corbally (JessCorbsMakeup) included, to give anyone advice on the products they were interested in. The Flormar range is in my work, so I have a little (not so little!) list compiled of all the products I am planning to buy before the weekend *insert monkey with hands over eyes emoji*.

As well as having the pleasure of talking with Paul and meeting Michelle, I was delighted to meet fellow blogger Fiona from Little Miss Roux who I have been following for some time and is also an avid Flormar fan, and her friend Dee from Makeupartistrybydee.

It was a wonderful event and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
If you are a fan of Flormar and there is a masterclass on near you, I highly recommend you go!

I will snap the products that I will buy this week from the Flormar range so be sure to add me on Snapchat, @stardust_belle

The Flormar range is available in pharmacies nationwide, including Brennans Life Pharmacy in Carndonagh, Co. Donegal,

[PS. I got lots of compliments and questions on Snapchat that evening about my hair! I swear by the Cocoa Brown Kind Shampoo & Conditioner and then I simply used the Got2B Gaurdian Angel Heat Protection Spray and then curled it with my curling wand... that was it. I used literally no other products because I only realised when I went to use it that I had run out of hairspray and although I have the volumising dust, I had no time to use it! 
Snapchat filters are life by the way...]
I am mid-talking here, and yes talking, I am now brave enough to talk on Snapchat!!

That's all for now!

Thanks for reading
Danielle x


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