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Be a #BellaBabe with Bellamianta

Warning: This is a long one and picture heavy, so grab a cuppa and get comfy . . .

I was SO excited to have been sent a gorgeous package from Annette at Bellamianta recently.
The package was full of Bellamianta goodies along with the loveliest note from Annette, who I met several months ago and she is just a star.
The package I was sent included the original Bellamianta product; the Self Tinted Tanning Lotion in Medium, their newest Rapid Mousse in Dark, the luxury tanning mitt, the newly-launched exfoliating mitt and one of their heavenly spa candles. The candles are from the Sass and Boho range, you can find them right here.

The market out there is saturated with all kinds of fake tans promising the sun, moon and the stars, so let me tell you a little about Bellamianta. . . 

Bellamianta is a new and exciting brand that is manufactured and based right here in Ireland. It has been brewing up a storm in the blogging world lately and appearing on many bloggers' Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook accounts.
Bellamianta is a 'clean' tan, which means the luxury products in the range are all formulated using the cleanest ingredients without compromising the performance of the tan. Linda and Lisa, founders and creators of Bellamianta Tanning, say their aim is "to provide a luxury tanning experience every time, while ensuring our formulas are the cleanest possible formulas...contain nutritious skin benefiting ingredients and give a taste of luxury to everyone at affordable prices."

Bellamianta prides themselves on their 'clean' products and their tans contain NO:
~ parabens
~ harsh chemicals
~ genetically modified ingredients 
~ parfume
~ alcohol
~ animal derivatives 
~ sulphates
~ silicones
The tans are also packed tight with natural fruit extracts which have amazing firming, toning, anti-aging and rejuvenating benefits! 

And get this. . . Odour Neutralising Technology! No smell, zilch, nada, except for their heavenly signature Bergamot scent.

Bellamianta is a brand I am very familiar with, as I'm sure most of you reading this are as well. It was relatively unheard of, until Suzanne Jackson a.k.a SoSueMe wore it on a recent holiday to Thailand. Suzanne could not speak highly enough of it, and let's' face it, the tan was absolutely gorgeous on her and the brand just exploded! The range actually sold out as a result of Suzanne Snapchatting and Instagramming about it (Trust me, I work in a pharmacy and we were trying to get stock and it was gone!)

Suzanne Jackson wearing the Bellamianta Dark Rapid Mousse
Another big blogger who is a fan of the range is Tara O'Farrell a.k.a. TaraMakeup. A Bellamianta spray tan was Tara's tan of choice for her wedding day recently, she actually got a double spray and again absolutely stunning. 

Tara O'Farrell wearing a double spray of the Bellamianta tan
You all know my main love is Cocoa Brown but working in a pharmacy, I just simply have to try all these new things that come in... Don't I? 
Bellamianta arrived in a few months ago, just in time for our honeymoon. I always prefer to support Irish business where I can and I couldn't bare my pale pasty Irish skin in the Californian sunshine so I decided to go with the Bellamianta Rapid Mousse for our trip, to help me blend in with all the bronzed babes in Beverly Hills... I can dream! 
I was so impressed with the Rapid Mousse then and I still am. My bottle was left behind in a hotel on the Golden Coast so to be gifted more from Bellamianta was super!


One of my oldest friend's got married recently (FYI, she also got a Bellamianta spray tan done for the wedding and she was just gorgeous) so it was the perfect time to prep and tan with the goodies gifted to me.

~ Luxury Double Sided Exfoliating Mitt

I used the new Bellamianta exfoliating mitt a few days prior to applying the tan.
It is so important to prep your skin for tanning application, it makes your tan apply so much easier, look much better and last longer. 
And ladies, if you need a good exfoliation, you NEED the Bellamianta exfoliating mitt in your life!! It does an awesome job at scrubbing off old tan and dry skin. The mitt is double-sided and is so rough, exactly what you need to prepare your skin for applying your fake tan.
I used a good moisturising body lotion each time after using the mitt so my skin was soft and supple, ready for applying the tan. 
*Remember to never exfoliate or moisturise on the day you are tanning!*

~ Luxury Double Sided Tanning Mitt

I decided to go with the Rapid Mousse for the wedding because I had tried it before and trusted it. 
I applied the mousse with the Bellamianta luxury tanning mitt.
The mitt is double sided velvet with a space for your thumb ensuring ease of application! The mitt is lined with a water resistant barrier inside, which means your hands won't get stained! With the mitt being lined, you can throw it in your washing machine and it won't get damaged. 

~ Rapid Mousse Dark

This mousse has a foamy consistency and you can see just how much colour is in the foam with just one pump on to your mitt.
As soon as I had applied it, I remembered just how much I loved it before.

So why use the Bellamianta Rapid Mousse I hear you ask. . .
~ It dries in 60 seconds! Yes after one minute, you are good to go with getting dressed again, win!
~ It is a RAPID dark tan, it develops in 2-4+ hours! Shower it off after 2 hours for a light tan, 3 hours for medium tan or after 4+ hours for a dark golden tan.
~ It gives you a gorgeous golden olive tone instantly
~ It is so easy to apply and streak-free
~ It is transfer and water-resistant
~ It is O D O U R L E S S!

Aren't these facts everything you want in a tan? 
Just two more things: it lasts days, I mean I get up to 7 days out of this tan (I only had to re-apply once on our two-week honeymoon) and 
the wear-off is brilliant! No snakeskin, dry patches, white elbow creases, etc. etc. I could go on! The tan literally just fades away; it's remarkable.

~ Self Tanning Tinted Lotion Medium

I eventually got round to trying out the original Bellamianta product this weekend, the baby of the range; the Self Tanning Tinted Lotion. 
To be honest, I was a little bit apprehensive about this tan, because I had heard mixed reports about it. BUT, anymore, I am going to try a product myself before I listen to anyone else because I just love it!! The lotion has a really creamy consistency and it just glides on your skin. 
It is essential to blend these tans quickly on application because of the quick drying time.

Why choose the Bellamianta Self Tanning Tinted Lotion?

~ Packed with natural ingredients and with an ultra-smart hydration system, which means it keeps on hydrating the skin = no snakeskin on wear-off
~ Easy application 
~ Dries in 60 seconds
~ Instant golden olive colour
~ Transfer and water resistant
~ Even wear-off
~ Odour neutralising technology

One of the best things about Bellamianta is their signature colour guide (the instant colour you see on application), and this combined with the 60-second fast dry system means that their tans are ready to wear and develop over a few hours with no transfer on to your clothes, win win! 

Does Bellamianta deliver? ABSOLUTELY!
(Sorry for poorly lit photos, tan was applied at night-time. Left: Before Right: After application)


My final verdict is: I love this range, and the fact that it's an Irish brand is incredible. 
This range is fantastic. Both the lotion and the mousse give you the ultimate glow, with the mousse giving you a deeper glow.

Oh, and before you wonder or ask, yes I always tan my face. I use whatever is left on the mitt after tanning my body and it is just enough for my face.

The full range is available in pharmacies nationwide, including Brennans Life Pharmacies in Donegal, Inish Pharmacy online, Cara Pharmacy online or you can get it on Bellamianta's site here

If you are after a Bellamianta spray tan, you will find it in beauty salons across the country, including Indulge Beauty & Relaxation Salon, Carndonagh, Co. Donegal.

Have you tried Bellamianta yet? 

Sending a massive thanks to Bellamianta for gifting me their range.

Thanks for reading!
Danielle x

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