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"The right tools are just as important as the makeup itself."

Powder 'n' Pout is a well-known & loved hair, makeup and nails salon located in Carndonagh, Co. Donegal. 
Aisling Cunningham is the salon owner; a professional hairdresser & makeup artist and is so passionate about beauty and extremely talented. She believes that if you have the right makeup tools you can create amazing makeup application and looks. 

Aisling has her own range of superior quality, but affordable makeup brushes which "let you define your look, whatever it is, whatever the occasion." The Powder 'n' Pout makeup brushes are available in the salon and online here.  BUT now, the brush range has just recently become available in pharmacies throughout Ireland, making them even more accessible, including Brennans Pharmacy, Carndonagh. YAY!

I have had one of the Powder 'n' Pout brushes for a while now, which I will talk more about later in this post, and I absolutely love it. I received some more brushes from Aisling to try out and I was delighted.
The quality of all of the brushes is second to none, and I thoroughly recommend this extensive range to any makeup lovers and brush addicts.

The range is so affordable, with prices ranging from €6 to €18 for individual brushes. There is a brush set available too, priced at €50. 
The boxed packaging is beautiful with the blurb on each brush on the back so you know exactly what to use it for and the little personal touches from Aisling that make such a difference. 
Read on for more info...

First up are the three eye brushes from the Flawless Five Set:

~ The Angle Liner P410

This angle liner brush is the perfect brush to achieve the precision application you need for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. The brush is made of smaller cut fibres to give exact brush control for precision detail. I have been using it for my eyebrows and it applies colour so easily. Retails at €8.

~ The Bullet P325

This brush is amazing for smudging shadows in the outer corner of the eyes to create depth and shape to your eyes. It is great for 'under-eye shadowing' without any shadow falling down on to your cheeks. I used this with my new Tartelette in Bloom eyeshadow palette and it applied the darker colours on the outer edges of my eyes like a dream with no 'fall-down'! Retails at €8.

~ The Duo Crease P245 

This brush is like a tiny stipling brush so it can be used several ways. It can be used for blending eyeshadow becuase of the shape of the brush and different length bristles help to blend the eyeshadow perfectly. It can be used also to blend concealer under your eyes because it is such a delicate area. Another use is for precision application of contour and highlighter. I used it to apply contour and highlighter to my nose, and to apply highlight my brow bone and cupids bow. Retails at €10.

~ The Duo Stippling P200

This brush is great for applying, blending and highlighting makeup powders, creams and liquids. The duo fibre brushes give your makeup a streak-free finish. I read up on this brush and another tip is to use it to apply your blush without disturbing your base makeup. This is what I have been using it for as I have a favourite brush to apply my liquid makeup. I would never think to use a stipling brush to apply blush but it does a perfect job of it! Simply sweep and blend! Retails at €18.

~ The HD Buffer P230

The HD Buffer is the mother of all brushes. This is the brush I mentioned earlier and that I have been using for a while now. This brush is my absolute favourite.  It is the best seller and it's easy to see why! It can be used to apply, blend or buff powder, cream or liquid foundation, primer, BB cream or tinted moisturiser. It gives my skin an even coverage and flawless finish everytime in a matter of minutes! I use it to apply liquid foundation everyday and it has never failed me. I highly recommend this brush and I have been raving about it since the brushes came into stock in the pharmacy! Retails at €16.

~ The Powder Dome P100

I haven't used any other powder brush since I got this! It is incredibly soft and so full. I use it for setting my makeup with loose powder (it can also be used for pressed powder) and for applying bronzer. It is a large, round-shaped, fluffy brush and made from super-soft fibres, which make it perfect for finishing for your makeup as it doesn't disturb what you have already applied. I love it, another firm favourite of mine. Retails at €18.

~ The Flat Contour P050

I don't contour every day, but when I do I use this and it is a must for any contouring fans out there! It makes it so easy to contour correctly with it's flat shape that is designed to to fit snugly underneath the cheekbones and jawline, and it's the ideal shape to contour your forehead and nose. The brush absorbs hardly any product, making the colour pay off from the brush incredible.
This brush can be used with pressed or loose powders, liquids or creams. Retails at €17.

~ The Flawless 5 Brush Set

Included in this set is the P410, P325 and the P245 that I have talked about above along with the P120 The Angled blush and the P210 The Duo Tapered Powder. This set includes all the brushes that you will need on to go for your full face of makeup! Retails at €50.

Powder 'n' Pout brushes are now available in pharmacies throughout the country, including Brennans Pharmacy, Carndonagh.

The Flat Contour P050 and the Powder Dome P100 are definitely my next purchases!

The Powder 'n' Pout range is definitely one to watch and is set to firmly put Aisling and her Powder 'n' Pout brand on the map.

Thanks for reading 
Danielle x


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