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I wanted to share with you some of my monthly favourites from June, a series that I will do monthly from now on. 
So in no particular order ~
First up is a product from the new Lancome range. Energie De Vie has been one of Lancome's most successful product launches and it is easy to see why.
I recently bought The Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask and I absolutely love it! I first seen it on SoSueMe's Snapchat when she was on holiday and she raved about it, see her blogpost here.
The blurb on this product states: "This sumptuous, bouncy new mask plumps up your skin with moisture, leaving it looking hydrated, fresher and visibly smoother" and it certainly does. I felt the difference after one night of using this product. It's time now to start looking after my skin properly.. in my 30s now and all, I should've started a long time ago!... But this product is definitely an essnetial to give my skin the hydration it needs. It has the consistency of a balm, and it can be used as a night cream, a 15 minute mask or a sleeping mask. My skin feels amazing after each use so it is a firm favourite of mine and I can't wait to purchase the other products in the range.

Next is the Flormar Illuminating Primer Make Up Base ~ I love this primer and I have mentioned it in a previous post here. I have tried so many primers from high-end to budget and this is my favourite yet. The consistency is lightweight and it contains green tea and acacia which creates the perfect base for makeup. It smooths out fine lines and prepares the skin by giving it this smooth look. My makeup lasts so much longer with this primer. I apply it with the Flawless Wonder Brush to create the perfect base for my makeup.

My next June favourite is another Flormar product. The Smooth Touch Foundation from their newly launched Flower Tales collection is beautiful. The Smooth Touch Foundation is available in 8 shades and has medium to high coverage. This collection gives the skin a natural and bright finish.It also contains SPF20 which is an added bonus! I love it for my everyday makeup. I will have a full review up soon!

Next up are the newly launched products from my beloved Cocoa Brown; the new Kind collection which I just recently posted my review on here. These products are lush and so affordable. The 200ml sizes will be available from July 8th and I can't wait to stock up! If you suffer from a sensitive scalp, or have coloured hair/extensions you must try the Kind shampoo and conditioner for a fresh, heavenly smelling but gentle wash.

I have tried lots of Micellar Cleansing Waters but the one I am loving at the minute is the Bioderma Sebium H2O Purifying Cleanning Micelle Solution (and no that is not a typo, it is actually called Micelle!). I use this night and day to remove makeup and cleanse my face. It cleanses the skin without drying it out and it does so through micro-emulsion of impurities and excess sebum. It contains a patented sebo-correcting Fluidactiv® complex, so this particular Bioderma cleanser is for combination/oily skin.

Next up is a makeup brush that has been a staple of mine since I bought it. Aisling from Powder 'n' Pout in Carndonagh has launched her own range of brushes and I proudly own the HD Buffer P230 and it is uh-maz-ing ~ see here. I use it every single day and it never fails me. It applies foundation flawlessly and effortlessly and I am not surprised it is the best seller. Aisling states that it is perfect for that flawless finish and even coverage every time, and I can say that it definitely does that. It is a makeup brush that I can't ever see me replacing.. except with a new P230.

A little birthday present that is a big favourite of mine is the much-loved Blank Canvas Master Series Palette One! This palette is a huge seller and it has been out of stock for a long time so I was very excited to get one to add to my makeup collection. I adore the colours, exactly the colour palettes that I love. Lots of different looks could be achieved from this palette, it is a real beauty!

My next favourite is nothing to do with beauty and skincare, but a TV show... Since we did the Warner Brothers Studio tour in Hollywood and we were lucky enough to be on the actual TV set (the sitting room..very cool!), we have not stopped watching The Big Bang Theory! If you have never seen TBBT, it revolves around five characters who live in Pasadena, California; Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj and Penny. It is genius, brilliant and hilarious.. and every season is on Netflix!
Favourite TV show

And last but not least, is my social media favourite ~ Snapchat!
It is my favourite out of the social media platforms (but I am a big Twittterer, Instagrammer and Facebooker!). I follow so many people.. tweet me your Snapchat and I will follow!
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That is all of my June Favourites... What are some of your favourite products?

Thanks for reading!
Danielle x


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