Thursday, September 4, 2014

August Favourites

September is here! I can't quite believe it. I loove this time of year though, everyone back to school, Halloween is around the corner, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are back in Starbucks etc... 
I wanted my first blogpost to be something simple so I thought I would round up my favourite things from the month of August!

First up is The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner. I always use a toner after cleansing, I know some people don't but I couldn't imagine not using one! This toner is awesome for blemish prone or problem skin. It removes every little last trace of make up and leaves your skin feeling so good! 

Next up is the Botanics Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution All Bright. I have tried a few Micellar Lotions, including the Garnier and Avene Micellar Lotions, but this one has been my fave! It really does make removing your make up easy and it also contains brightening hibiscus to leave your skin looking great!

My go-to nail polish lately has been the Barry M Hi-Shine in the Almond shade. I spied this on Kelanjo's blog and I instantly went out and bought it. I really feel unfinished not having my nails done, this Barry M is a great one coat go-to polish!

My all time FAVOURITE tanning range is the unmistakable Cocoa Brown range. I have followed Marissa Carter on Twitter since her days of owning her own beauty salon, while on maternity leave she came up with Cocoa Brown and I have watched it, not simply go from strength to strength but explode! There are a number of products available now but my two absolute faves are the Gentle Bronze (gradual tanning moisturiser) and the original Cocoa Brown baby, the 1 hour tan. If you haven't tried these yet, you absolutely must!

I love to watch beauty videos and vlogs on YouTube, by following Zoella I recently discovered a YouTuber I had never previously seen before, and that is Gabriella Lindley, aka Velvet Ghost. Her videos are so fun to watch, she has moved house recently and has several moving out/in vlogs which I have really enjoyed watching! Go subscribe!

By trying to stay off caffeine lately I have re-discovered my love for herbal teas! Especially this beauty from Twinings.. J'adore. However, I can not get my hands on it in the shops.. even the nice people at Sainsburys replied to my tweet saying they would consider buying it in,  Twinings Tea then tweeted me the link to their online store which I am going to do ASAP! It is a lovely minty taste with a hint of the butterscotch, like a Wether's Original!

Love reading everyone else's monthly favourites, hope you enjoyed mine!



  1. I've been looking to try a new cleansing water as I wasn't overly impressed with garners one. I'll definitely be picking up the botanics version!


    1. I really like it, I was sceptical as I wasn't fussed on the Garnier one! Thank you for your comment :) X


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