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(Warning: Photo heavy post!) 
In case you didn't know... Las Vegas is one of my most favourite places in the world! I have been a few times and will be returning this September, I can not freaking WAIT! I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I love Sin City.


It's becoming increasingly popular as a holiday/honeymoon/hen/stag destination choice and I was asked by several people who were going to Vegas recently for my recommendations so I put together a bit of an itinerary of tips and things to do.
Suzanne Jackson, aka SoSueMe, and her fiancé Dylan just enjoyed their joint hen and stag there; Vegas is a hot topic at the moment! This has been a much-requested blogpost so I thought I would go ahead and finally publish my own recommendations.
I did say I wanted to expand my content on my blog so here you go...


 (especially if you are going May-September) 

✮ Light clothes for during the day – it will be hot, hot, hot!
✮ Swimwear for pool (obviously)! Hotel pools provide towels. Take flip flops or something to wear around the pool; you wouldn't believe how hot the ground gets.
✮ A hat if you can for when you are out and about during the day, your scalp can burn easy and your head gets super hot! Don't forget sunglasses too!
✮ Comfy footwear - flip flops or footwear that are well broken into; Do not wear new flip flops or sandals etc. that aren’t broken in yet; you will regret it, because they will hurt and rub your feet in the heat, especially if you are planning to tour around the strip. Remember, the Vegas strip is 4.2 miles long! From the MGM hotel at one end to the Stratosphere hotel which is at the other end of the strip. Every hotel covers a vast amount of space; the strip is very deceptive on how far it is between hotels. Everything looks closer than it is on the strip, and there is a lot of walking! There are taxi ranks outside all the hotels. Or you can download the Uber app for uber taxis; this is so handy and how we go round Vegas the last time we were there.
✮ Apply, re-apply and apply again – lots of high sunscreen, don't forget this is desert sun! (Temperatures can reach 43°C (109 and higher in July.)
✮ Night-time can be any dress code you want, trust me, anything goes in Vegas – it just depends on what you are doing and there are sooo many people doing lots of different things. You can be as glam as you like or casual, but again, depending on what you are doing.
✮ Outside will be so hot but everywhere inside is SO well air-conditioned, the casinos are famous for pumping oxygen in to keep everyone awake... and spending more money ;) You’ll notice no windows or clocks in all the casinos too; this is so you can't tell what time of the day it is and to make the outside world nonexistent while you are.
✮ You get free drinks from servers while gambling, we played a few slot machines (1c, 25c and $1 machines, hey big spenders!) and got free drinks! Just *remember* to tip them a couple dollars!
✮ You can walk around everywhere with your drinks, out on the strip and everywhere... yes you can, trust me! You will see people walking round with ‘yard’ drinks and big cups; there are slushie cocktail bars that you can go and get refills for cheaper then after you have bought the big cups.



The busiest section of the strip when we were there last May was from Planet Hollywood to Treasure Island (bear in mind, this is approx. a 2mile section of the strip!). This 'happening' part of the strip gradually relocates every few years.
✮ Shows - You can't go to Vegas and not go to a show! O by Cirque du Soleil in The Bellagio is incredible; we went last year and it blew us away! Read more about it here.
Ka, Mystere, and Zumanity all by Cirque du Soleil are all supposed to be amazing. These shows are on throughout various hotels on the strip. Every hotel on the strip has a show on of some kind throughout the year; Britney Spears/Jennifer Lopez in Planet Hollywood, Celine Dion in Caesars Palace (all of which I would love to go to), the list goes on and on. Do some research before you go! When you are on the strip, you can't miss what is on in each of the hotels with the huuge signs outside each one.


✮ Restaurants/Bars - Nobu, Gordon Ramsey's BURGR, Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen (if you are a fan of Bloody Marys, you have to go here, see below), Lago, Wicked Spoon, CUT Steakhouse, Buddy from the Cake Boss' restaurant; I could go on but you will not be stuck for somewhere to eat on the strip. Also, In 'n' Out has just opened up on the strip, I know where I'll be going!
There are too many bars to mention but The Chandelier bar in The Cosmopolitan hotel is stunning. It is a multi-storey bar encased in a huge crystal chandelier; absolutely amazing! The Piano Bar in Harrahs is also fun but like I said, SO many bars.

The Bloody Marys in Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen... and my husband's excited face :)
The Chandelier in The Comspolitan 
I mean, LOOK!
✮ Buffets - Vegas buffets are famous and you have to try one when you are there! The Ceasar's Palace buffet just opened last year and has been ranked number 1 in Vegas. There is every single kind of food you can think of there. Watch a video about Ceasars Palace buffet here.
 Fremont Street (Old Town Vegas) - get a taxi to there, it is not walking distance. It consists of old, casinos, cheap gambling and the zip line, which you can read about here.

✮ Walk around the hotels - The Bellagio, Venetian, Caesars Palace, Palazzo, Wynn, The Cosmopolitan, Aria, Planet Hollywood, Luxor, MGM, Paris, etc. etc - there is just sooo much to see! The older hotels on the strip are all extravagant, themed and fun, whereas the newer hotels (Cosmo/Aria etc.) are modern. Personally, I rather the older hotels as they have more character. Walking around the strip is great for people-watching; you all see all kinds, sorts and sights in Vegas!

✮ Fountains at the Bellagio - the fountains come on, I think, every hour during the day, but more frequently at night time. This is a free show outside The Bellagio. You will see people hanging around to get a good view, waiting for the show to start. The fountains dance to a different song every time and it is an absolute spectacle that you simply can not miss!

✮ Volcano at The Mirage – This is on every weeknight at 8pm, 9pm and then at weekends at 10pm as well. This is another free show outside The Mirage hotel, and again you will see people start to gather at the railings from half hour before it starts. It's good fun to watch!

✮ The High Roller at night - the 'Vegas Eye'! You can get open bar tickets (yes, they are bars inside the pods, obviously) or you can bring your own drink for cheaper tickets. We are planning to do this in September when we go back. There has been a whole new area developed of bars etc. around The Linq hotel where the High Roller is located; we had so much fun here one night, playing beer pong outside one of the bars! Read about the High Roller here. 

✮ Rollercoaster at NYNY - the rollercoaster is part of the NYNY hotel and
✮ Insanity at The Stratosphere if you’re into things like that. It's a no thank you from me! Read about the NYNY rollercoaster here and Insanity here.
✮ Nightclubs – Sin City is thee place to go to for epic nightclubs! OMNIA at Caesars Palace; the high-tech chandelier is amazing. The nightclub also has an outdoor terrace with a panoramic view of the strip. We partied here last year and it was brilliant.
Surrender at the Wynn, 1OAK in The Bellagio, Hakkasan in MGM, Tao in The Venetian, Marquee in The Cosmopolitan, XS in the Wynn, Drai’s Afterhours etc. etc! Throughout the summer, you will see the top DJs in the world take up residency in some nightclubs on the strip. Nightclubs can be expensive; both entry and drinks so look into it to see which one you want to go to and the queues can be crazy!

✮ Dayclubs/Pool Parties - Pool parties in Vegas are SO much fun and again, are mostly hosted by the top DJs.. I've been to Wet Republic at MGM a few years ago and then Marquee at The Cosmopolitan last year on Memorial Day weekend, which was insane; too much fun!
Encore Beach Club at the Wynn is supposed to be incredible, along with Tao Beach at the Venetian which is one of the strip's longest running pool parties. Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel is another popular one! There are lots, so again, do some research before you go. It's better to get your tickets in advance because you will more than likely get a better rate and when you get there you will probably be in a shorter queue.

✮ Shopping – most of the hotels have their own shopping malls; The Forum shops at Caesars, The Shops at Crystals (beside Aria), Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood, and The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian, which is a must to walk around, see below... yes there is a river through the hotel complete with gondolas, and that sky is actually the painted ceiling! There are outlets somewhere outside the strip but I've never been and to be honest, I won't ever be, whatever shopping I would want to do is on the strip (i.e. Sephora/CVS/Inglot and I'm researching other makeup stores on the strip for when we're back!)

I AM SO EXCITED to get back to Vegas after putting this post together! It's a place that isn't to everyone's taste but I have great memories from here and I can't wait to make more.

Those are my tips for Vegas and if you are going anytime soon, have a BALL!
I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and got some useful info, as much as I enjoyed writing it and seeing all the photos!
If you have any questions, please ask away.

Thanks for reading
'Til next time
Danielle x

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After reading Carly's post with the same title recently over on, I thought I wanted to do the same. I'm veering away from my usual beauty reviews for this post to tell you all a little bit more about me... although if you follow me across my social media platforms, some of these facts will come as no surprise!
This may not interest you at all but here goes...

✮ I met my husband through one of my best friends... his sister! ... who I met when I took part in a local Strictly Come Dancing! 
✮ I have a BSc Honours Degree in Geography, however I have just recently qualified as a pharmacy technician.
✮ I have been to LA and Vegas four times and will be back in Vegas for my fifth time in a few months! I celebrated my best friend's 21st, my own 24th and 26th birthdays there and we spent part of our honeymoon there too (I am working on a post of recommendations for anyone interested in going).
✮ I am an absolute stationery geek!
✮ I love social media and I am always on it; Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook are all faves. I can also get lost pinning on Pinterest for hours!
I am a crazy cat lady. I have had many cats growing up; Honey is mum and dad's cat and Karl and I rehomed two little black and white kittens last summer, Penny and Ivy.
✮ Bad grammar, spelling and manners are my ultimate pet peeves (I have lots more!)
✮ I am a perfectionist when it comes to writing.
I love old school and 90s music. I just love the nostalgia and the cheese that comes with it!
✮ I am a qualified 'ear piercing specialist' having worked as an Assistant Manager in Claires many years ago, but I can safely say I have no desire to pierce any more ears. Ever.
✮ Tom Cruise is my childhood crush!
✮ I write lists for EVERYthing! I rely heavily on my notebook and reminders in my phone.
✮ I lived in LA for three months six years ago in my best friend Megan's home! I absolutely adore California.
✮ My all-time favourite tv shows are Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, Revenge, Sex and the City, and Criminal Minds. I rarely watch regular Sky TV anymore, Netflix all the way!
✮ I am fascinated with anything to do with the Kardashians, their lifestyle and the whole hysteria around them engrosses me!
✮ I am an Apple girl and my iPhone is always in my hand.
✮ Crisps and cheese are my biggest weaknesses. I love a good cheeseboard!
✮ 'Stardustduck' is the name of a little pink rubber duckie that my best friend gave me, which used to be my social media handle... hence where the 'Stardust' part of my blog name came about!
✮ I am not a big fan of clothes shopping, but I take notions to go on a spree! I love a browse around Primark/Penneys, however I could shop for makeup and beauty products all day!
✮ My birthday is June 22nd, which means I was born on a 'cusp', I am a mixture of Gemini and Cancer.
✮ I worry way too much about others and opinions, but I'm slowly learning not to!
✮ I have followed Marissa Carter since her days of owning a salon, long before Cocoa Brown was created.
✮ I love the sound of rain!
✮ I have always been interested in the blogging and beauty world and have had my blog set up since 2010 and only made it public last year, which took alot for me to do!

That will do for now, I really could go on and on! I enjoyed writing that and I hope you enjoyed reading it!
If you want to see more, follow me on Snapchat/Instagram/Twitter: @stardust_belle and
Facebook @stardustbelleblog

'Til next time 
Danielle ✮ 


Monday, April 3, 2017


The wait is now over... Ice Goddess is here and it is, OH. SO. PRETTY.

When I see pink now, I automatically think Cocoa Brown...
Cocoa Brown have built the brand around the colour pink so when a big pink envelope arrived in the post, I was SUPER excited!

And low and behold, it was the new ICE GODDESS Oil by Marissa Carter 
Previously, the Ice Goddess Shimmering Dry Body Oil was launched as a 30ml bottle part of The Goddess Collection in October last year, however due to demand, Marissa decided to launch the 50ml bottle which has been available on the shelves since March 7th. 

The Cocoa Brown Ice Goddess by Marissa Carter follows on from the massive success of the original Golden Goddess Oil (favoured by Khloe Kardashian!) and the Rose Gold Goddess Oil.
I mean... just look at how pretty it is.... 

Ice Goddess Stardustbelle

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Product Empties: Part 1

Welcome to my first product empties post. I love having a nosey and reading other blogposts on product empties so I was excited to finally put my own post together!

product empties

I was gathering up some empties for a while so there's quite a few (as a beauty blogger, I am naturally a product junkie and if I love a product, naturally I will use every single last drop)... I hope you enjoy my rundown on products I've used and if I would honestly repurchase the products again.
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